The Knowledge Retention Company

Elephants don’t forget provides a unique, intelligent and engaging application that reinforces training and embeds knowledge, increasing employee capability and competency. Through continuous assessment and measurement, it provides you with precise insight, enabling you to save money and drive future business performance

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Just imagine in your company…

All your employees were competent in their roles and that they learnt everything that you trained them

Every penny that you spend on training was exactly where and when it was needed, and that knowledge retention was achieved with a demonstrable ROI

All your people had the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to be excellent in their role

You could evolve your culture of training to one of learning, evidenced through the business value the L&D function delivers

At the touch of a button you could see precisely the knowledge or competency ‘gaps’ of each of your employees, teams, functions, or even locations

You had an application that was easy, clear and quick to achieve all this, and your employees actually enjoyed the process