Sleeping on The Job

by Adrian Harvey

Sleeping on the jobI read in the papers that ‘scientists’ are recommending that bosses allow staff to have an hours nap in the office to make up for the ‘lost hour’ of kip resulting from the clocks springing forward.

Apparently according to Dr Nerina Ramlakhan (an expert in sleep therapy) says all sorts of terrible things could result from employee’s loss of an hours sleep and bosses keen to improve/maintain productivity should allow catnaps between 1400-1600 today.

I am thinking if you work for the BBC or some such organisation where you are sheltered from the harsh realities of commercial life, this is perhaps a strategy that should be debated at length and maybe engrossed into employee policy.

If however you work in the real world you might be better advised to take responsibility for your own wellbeing and go to bed an hour earlier!

I can almost hear the howls of protest from the luvvies as they condemn me from being out of touch and draconian as they choke on their lunch of prawn, carrot, mango and lime quinoa salad with chilli oil!

Yeah well, quite apart from the fact that millions of workers work in an environment where sleeping on the job is impractical and probably downright dangerous. I reckon bosses would be far better served encouraging employees to think for themselves and take personal responsibility rather than relying on their employer to pander to every bonkers suggestion ‘scientists’ come up with.

As a ‘boss’ myself, experience tells me that little was ever created when sleeping and treating employees as adults and with respect is far more likely to have lasting long term productivity improvements than providing pillows for them to ‘rest their sleepy little heads on!’

As for a career as a ‘sleep therapist’ … don’t even start me on that one. I have never been a coal miner but I can’t imagine those chaps had much trouble getting a good nights sleep after toiling down a pit for 8 hours! Work hard, eat healthy food and get plenty of exercise and sleep in bed…not at your desk.