A question for parents…

By Adrian Harvey

Are you a parent?

Do you want to help your kids get better GCSE grades under the new fact and formula heavy curriculum?

Would Artificial Intelligence (AI) help?

For those of you who already know, Clever Nelly¬†guarantees employees learn and retain the facts, processes and procedures they need to excel in their job role. What if we designed a version of Nelly specifically for GCSE students, one in which Nelly used her AI to ascertain what the student knows and doesn’t know, broken down by subject, and then set about filling in the gaps?

What if this only took a few minutes of the students busy day so they could learn on the bus on the way to/from school, in fact, learn whenever and wherever suited their busy lives?

You see we keep getting asked by our satisfied corporate users if they can get a version of Nelly for their children so we thought we would put it out there and ask parents if you would be interested in leveraging AI to help your child obtain better grades?

And how would you feel about other parents who leverage AI to ensure their kids get the best grades if your children didn’t have access? Let me know your thoughts…please. Link below!


Academic Nelly

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