Apprentice jobs beat Mickey Mouse degrees

Today is my birthday. I am old. I was sat at breakfast reading the paper, like my Dad used to do before me and came across this article. It resonated. I didn’t go to University, I am dyslexic and found academic work hard going way back then when I was actually just “thick” (not dyslexic).

I have so far had a wonderfully fulfilling career, characterised by having to work hard for every single promotion and opportunity. I never had a certificate to wave around and give me a clear career path. Hard work, application and learning from mentors has stood me in good stead.

And guess what aged 22 I also had a student (of life) debt, but it was called a mortgage, my 2nd one.

Maybe you want to be a professional a Doctor or Lawyer or Engineer – go to university. Maybe you want to be the best you can be without becoming a professional. Work hard, learn from old gits like me and millions of others like me and start your career debt free.

Or maybe a £25k debt and a degree in patisserie technology is actually a better shout? You work it out.

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