Artificial Intelligence is a Critical Component

It would appear knowledge retention or at least access to knowledge/content is big business as employer sponsored employee communication platform, Slack continues to grow from strength to strength.  But access to the right content is what is occupying the mind of Slack CEO, Stewart Butterfield.

When interviewed by MIT Technology Review recently Butterfield spoke (unsurprisingly, perhaps) about the importance he places on AI and how AI will underpin continued success.  I confess I am not a user of Slack as, at present, if I need to communicate something to the herd it’s relatively easy to do, considering the herd is less than 30 people and I would like to think every member of the herd is up to speed on the important issues impacting our business. Of course, when you have 10,000 employees that’s a trifle harder.

So too, it would appear, is sifting through the mountains of “essential communications,” that Slack posts every day – I mean if you spent your whole day every day reading just today’s posts you probably wouldn’t be finished by Christmas!  Equally, I suspect that most of it is irrelevant, boring and of no interest to you in your role.

Well it appears that Butterfield and his crew have sussed this and developed AI to hone and refine the user experience so it is as personalised, applicable and relevant as possible.  Personalisation is the future of Slack in much the same way as it underpins the success of Clever Nelly.  Being able to accurately identify what is meaningful and relevant to individual employees and how those employees relate to groups or cohorts is essential, particularly as the sheer scale of information and content increases almost exponentially.

All the more reason that employers ensure that what really needs to be learned is learned and that the process for doing so is as light a touch as possible and for that to happen, it absolutely must be individually tailored to the employee.

Always encouraging to see our little business is at least on the right path as the $5.5bn Slack.

By Adrian Harvey