Artificial Intelligence Drives Knowledge Retention

This week I spoke on the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Learning Live and, in particular, how the L&D world should be embracing AI as a means to counter its Achilles heel – knowledge retention.

L&D often, through no fault of their own, rarely get to deliver learning and development, but instead end up punting training for the lowest cost and least disruption to business as usual. This tends to be because the operational and functional leadership are reluctant to invest the time, effort and money in the traditional methods that transitions training into retained learning.  You can’t cheat the brain and knowledge retention requires repetition and focus.

Adrian at Learning Live 2017

It has become a vicious circle and because L&D cannot deliver the high quality learning outcomes, they tend to be marginalised and treated as a cost centre rather than a genuine source of performance improvement.  It is obvious to all concerned that a single training intervention will have a minimal impact on the employees’ capability, as much will be forgotten and no one can act on what they have failed to learn!

At Elephants don’t forget we have harnessed AI and applied it to the practices needed to ensure training is learned and retained and to achieve this with no detrimental impact on employee work availability. We guarantee training becomes retained learning and on average this takes less than 1 minute 47 seconds of an employee’s day, each day.  We have used AI to overcome the limitations of the traditional forms of knowledge retention.

We are leading the charge to reinstate L&D as the first port of call for any organisation seeking productivity improvement and risk reduction and we are using AI to do so. L&D need to deliver and only AI will plug the knowledge retention gap. Gap plugged and learning outcomes guaranteed, L&D has suddenly started talking the language of the budget holders.

Watch this space as Elephants don’t forget recruits L&D leaders to our quest to see L&D in the corporate Board Room.
Learning Live Stand Picture

By Adrian Harvey