Baby Brain

I read an interesting piece in the Sunday Times debating the existence of “baby brain” (or “mommy” brain if you live in America and can’t spell!).

It argued for and against the existence of a temporary physical reduction in cognitive powers by pregnant women particularly in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy.

I’m obviously no doctor and I have never been pregnant but it stands to reason that any pregnant woman is going to be under strain whilst feeding the demands of her own body and the growing baby.

The counter argument was mums have read so much about “baby brain” that they essentially condition themselves to be distracted and lack concentration skills.

Personally I think it’s real. I remember (yes as a Dad) just how tired I was when my twin boys were born. I certainly lacked concentration skills. Makes sense to me that mums during pregnancy are equally (ok even more!) exhausted and thus their brains don’t operate as well as when not pregnant.

The brain isn’t perfect, it inevitably has periods of good performance and less good and physical things like pregnancy must affect it.

I have been trying to work out how Nelly could help. I concluded she is Clever Nelly and not Harry Potter and thus the world probably just needs to accept that pregnancy is tough enough without expecting “mommy” to win mastermind!