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We are world leaders in the use of Artificial Intelligence to augment how each employee learns, retains and evidences in-role knowledge and competency.

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    Supercharge employee & business performance

    Supercharge employee & business performance

    Effortlessly ensure that every employee has the knowledge, capability and competence to perform their role to the best of their ability to continuously improve business performance.
    Improve & Evidence Employee Regulatory Compliance

    Improve & evidence regulatory compliance

    Augment your single point in time employee assessment regime with AI that continually assesses employees, whilst automatically rectifying gaps and providing best in class, independent evidence.
    Quantify & mitigate operational risk

    Quantify & mitigate operational risk

    A stress-free, light-touch and precise means of quantifying the level of operational risk arising from the workforce and, in many instances, mitigating it without any need for management intervention.

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