Change Takes Time

I am encouraged that increasingly, people in general are more and more attuned to a sustainable agenda. Ok there are obviously some people who don’t care at all, but what was once the preserve of “tree huggers” is now far more mainstream.

I see countless people on my London commute with re-usable water bottles and re-usable coffee mugs. Choosing to shun the traditional disposable paper coffee cup or worse, plastic water bottle.

It made me consider whether something had materially changed, was I being more observant or simply was the sustainability agenda gathering momentum. My conclusion was the latter.

You would be hard-pushed in 2019 to find anybody in the UK or any developed country that wasn’t acutely aware of global warming and the damage that we humans are visiting on planet earth. You would have thought with so many people aware of the problem, that fixing it would be relatively easy?

Obviously, this is not the case and this is because change, whilst actually one of the few constants in life, takes us humans a fair bit of time to adapt to. So, whilst everybody knows that they should be changing their lives and adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, it takes us time as individuals to adapt and evolve and change our habits.

It is a bit like learning anything, it needs time for the brain to process and repetition for it to learn and practice for it to become a competency. I am not saying Nelly can help with global warming, although she is doing her bit for conservation through her sponsorship of But in the same way I observe our society gradually changing to a more sustainable way of life, so increasingly we see more and more firms adopting a strategy that delivers genuine employee competency and not just ticking a box.

So much so that in Q1 we will be hosting another webinar and this time the topic will be the gradual death of the tick box training culture and what we can do to accelerate it. Hope you can make it and in the meantime have a happy, sustainable Christmas and New Year.