“Chips with that Sir?”

I read a disturbing article on LinkedIn which suggested certain American firms were insisting new recruits (and perhaps existing employees, this was not made clear) must have a microchip inserted in their left or right hand, for the purposes of accessing vending machines (initially at least).

The inference was that the job offer was contingent on the chip being fitted. Ergo, no chip, no job. The article asked readers to decide for themselves if they would be prepared to take the job on those terms. Looked like almost every person who responded, rejected the job offer.

Interesting but not entirely a surprise to me or perhaps many of you reading this. OK so I paid to have a microchip inserted under the skin of our pet dog in case he was lost or stolen, but I cannot bring myself to undergo the same procedure. That may open me up to criticism from animal lovers and others over this apparent hypocritical stance.

But, I am sure that this question will in most of us elicit a trust-based response. I.e. I don’t trust this won’t be used against my best interests.

Ultimately, I can see this merging of human and computer for human performance improvement and efficiency purposes and I think Stephen Hawkins made similar predictions, with dire warnings.

Fortunately, in the meantime, we use cloud-based Artificial Intelligence to improve employee capability and performance, allowing the rest of us to enjoy our chips with fish or a burger and not surgery.