How Clever Nelly Can Boost Employee Knowledge Retention in Compliance

By Adrian Harvey

Compliance training, perhaps not the most joyous of subject matters, but still an essential and necessary requirement of all regulated businesses. Lack of compliance training, or equally damaging ineffective compliance, results in countless legal issues every year in the UK. Not to mention a poor customer service performance and potential brand damage.

Knowledge retention is a critical component of any employee compliance strategy but with a diverse workforce, how do you ensure everyone is at the same required standard? Compliance training courses are, of course, an essential part of the mix but unless employees retain what you train, then they quickly become largely redundant.

A manager can spend hours choosing between a corporate compliance training company or a compliance training course but is this just wasted time? One fact to remember is that on average, knowledge retention from a knowledge-centric training course is just 22%. So almost 80% of compliance training course material is forgotten, particularly in the first few days. But there is a way to bridge the gap between what you train, and what (little) your employees learn.

Elephants don’t forget have a clever, multi award-winning application that guarantees to bridge the gap between what you train and what employees actually learn – her name is Clever Nelly. The average training retention from compliance training courses after using Clever Nelly is 89% versus 22% the traditional way.

She ensures that employees operating on a daily basis are fully compliant to your business standards and requirements – which we all know is an ongoing management task, and essential if your business is to operate smoothly, profitably and efficiently.

Clever Nelly delivers interactive, learner specific knowledge retention interventions on a daily basis that makes compliance training more interesting. This instills a new found focus within your employees that both increases knowledge retention from your compliance training and both engages your workforce and increases business performance. Best of all, Clever Nelly is unobtrusive and takes less than 1.5 minutes a day of your employees’ time. She is super secure, currently being approved for government, and by some of the most security conscious brands on the planet.

How is Clever Nelly hosted? Based purely in the cloud, Nelly requires no special systems and is easily deployed, even in large organisations, and can be set up within your company in just 28 days.

So whether your company is interested in a bank compliance course, a healthcare compliance course, or perhaps you need to update your regulatory compliance programme or undertake automotive compliance training, think of Clever Nelly. At Elephants Don’t Forget the team works hard to help you bridge the gap between training and knowledge. This will not only improve your standards of performance but also minimise risk within the workplace. Unsure? Ask about our money back guarantee.

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