Coffee and cake anybody?

Look what the cool folks at Secure Trust Bank did to support their deployment of Clever Nelly. Ok the brand lends itself really well to intelligent and creative people doing cool stuff with the logo. We have had elephant suits, elephants footprints through offices, elephants hiding in office plants but this is the first elephant cupcake I have seen!

But behind the friendly and cute elephant imagery lies a powerful piece of Artificial Intelligence increasingly deployed by regulated firms determined that their people are genuinely competent. And that their brand business and Senior Managers can evidence individual employee competency, regardless of the scale of the enterprise.

Our AI does what an army of administrators would fail to do and for fraction of the cost. So if your are a CRO or a compliance professional wondering just how you will proactively manage employee based operational risk and/or comply with SM&CR maybe it is time for a coffee break and a cup cake and a chat with the herd at Elephants don’t forget?