By Adrian Harvey

I often wonder that despite all the wonderful benefits the Internet brings if we have lost something?

I am not a hugely political person. I vote, I moan about politicians on all sides and I get on with it. But recently, I cannot help but view some of the candidates (all parties) with complete amazement. Now when I say amazement I do not mean in a positive way. Some of the comments and statements beggars belief.

These people are expecting to be elected to manage the 5th largest economy in the world and some of them it would appear to have counting skills of my dog! I respect that we are not all gifted at maths but you simply must be able to do basic addition multiplication and subtraction if you hope to be a Cabinet Minister!

Similarly, treating the public as complete morons and steadfastly refusing to answer a straight question makes me more than suspicious it makes me think the candidate is a barefaced liar. I mean, can you image this sort of behaviour being tolerated in any business? Sorry, any successful business? No, of course not.

I personally really like Sir Alan Sugar. At the end of the day I have to admire what he has done and achieved. Coming from literally nothing to one of the richest menĀ in the UK and doing so ethically. I have been following his blog posts and can’t help but laugh.

He may be 71, opinionated and often rude, but he is honest, can count, patriotic and credible. I suspect that a lot of voters would put away their party allegiances to vote for Sir Alan as PM. I wonder who he would fire first….


Lord Sugar