Doing it Properly

By Adrian Harvey

I have worked in regulated markets almost all of my adult life, half of which I have been in a position of responsibility.

During the last decade I have experienced and witnessed the extent to which the Regulator is becoming a genuine force in many industries.  I have seen a gradual shift in corporate thinking from the “What regulation?” that I experienced in my early finance career in the 80s through the phase of “Regulation being done to us” to increasingly, “working with the Regulator for better customer outcomes”.

Don’t get me wrong I still come across firms almost every day of my personal and professional life who are wallowing in the “regulation being done to me” camp but times are a-changing.

In the last 5 years I have been building Elephants don’t forget and find myself working extensively with clients who are regulated.  In almost every instance our clients are working closely with their regulator(s) to ensure they deliver better client outcomes. Moreover, they are using Clever Nelly to help them achieve that outcome by providing unique insight into organisational competence, knowledge and capability while simultaneously fixing gaps in the same.

What resonates with all our clients is access to accurate, genuine, individual knowledge data.  Because it is this data that provides the true picture and you can’t manage risk without knowing what’s going on. What prompted me to write this was an article posted by Corporate Compliance Insights, if you are compliance orientated it makes for useful reading.