Double standards

I heard that FaceAche (Correct name Facebook) has introduced its own currency called Libra and in time plans to act for all intents and purposes like a bank, but one with access to considerably more data and leverage than your current bank.

I think it is truly scary, it’s George Orwell, it’s The Matrix, it’s population control and it’s completely unregulated. Unlike your bank which today is fiercely regulated, transparent and must treat customers fairly, Libra, has none of those, “Inconvenient” restrictions.

They can do what they want. Of course, they wouldn’t abuse their unique position and the data that they hold on you for commercial gain …. Because that would be cheating and downright dishonest and Facebook would never do that, right?

Who knows, huh? Regulate it now, make it transparent, make it accountable, and make it trade on a level playing field.