Exceptional Professional – Or complete Muppet?

I captured this image from a movie posted on Linked In. For those fluent in Portuguese you will know that Ricardo is singing the praises of this pilot who sees his role as more than a job, it’s a mission.

Frankly I was stunned that the pilot had such a lasefaire attitude toward risk! If he is prepared to risk his life hanging out of plane window to clean it – what risks is he prepared to take with the lives of the passengers?

For sure I admire the dedication, but have to question his judgement. Particularly when you consider that he only needs to look out of the window when the plane is on the ground as he has an array of on-board electronics that ensure he avoids hitting things in the air – whether he can see them or not!

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Often even professionals like pilots need to be reminded of risk and test their judgement. Our AI could ensure this pilot maintains his admirable dedication to his job, but does so more safely!