FA stop pontificating and listen…

The David McNamara referee incident has escalated as rightly it should. Last week I wrote about this professional referee being reprimanded and banned for 3 weeks by the FA for starting a game of football using Rock, Paper Scissors (RPS) and not a coin toss as prescribed in the rules.

I notice at the weekend hundreds of referees were reported to have used RPS in sympathy and protest at the FA’s ridiculous over-reaction. I was at an U14’s rugby match where the (professional) ref did the same. Many of the parents recognised why and were furiously tweeting their support.

The reality is that it had no impact whatsoever on the game I watched on Saturday or the game McNamara was cited in other than perhaps improve the spectator enjoyment!

By the way guess what item is NOT prescribed as part of the FA mandated referees’ equipment, you got it a coin. A whistle, cards (yellow and red) and a watch are. Guess what else, the rules do not actually prescribe that the referee should be the one to toss the coin. #checktherulesfirst

I have no idea as I don’t play football, but I cannot see how the FA can through its pathetic inaction, condone professional footballers shouting and screaming in an official’s face, jostling him and hounding him when he makes a decision against them and not punish the players, the club and everybody involved in the disgraceful spectacle. And then ban a referee for starting a game with RPS and not tossing a coin.

Perhaps the FA should climb off their high donkey, get in touch with the grass roots fan base that ultimately pay their wages and learn the rules themselves! We have Artificial Intelligence that could help the FA officials learn and retain those rules that they so pompously quoted when punishing McNamara. Unfortunately, our AI stops short of teaching common sense, Fair Play and respect, possibly why we call it Clever Nelly and not miracle worker!