Faurecia have been using Nelly to support their onboarding since 2013 and immediately recognised the potential she could have to their global operation. Faurecia used Clever Nelly to shape what has now become the backbone to their Management and Professional new employee on-boarding process covering 27 countries and over 3,000 new Employees a year.

Dean says “Nelly gives us visibility into our processes like we never had before, but more importantly, operates to support both managers and employees in a combination of proactive and reactive interactions. With the knowledge support aspect, we also achieve a significant improvement in speed to competency.

As part of a global CEO lead strategic project launched earlier this year, Nelly is an integral part of Faurecia’s revolutionised training and learning environment. This very exciting project launched globally in 2019, called FES X.0 (Faurecia Excellence System), is ensuring the improvement of our management competency in our core production system. It identifies knowledge gaps to allow us to address them quickly and effectively for our full management teams in our @260 production sites around the world”.

Dean Woods
Group HR Director, International Development & Employee Empowerment