Giving Back

I probably don’t spend enough time ‘giving back’ and my excuse for that is that I am too busy building this business and dividing my time between Elephants don’t forget and my family. Ask my wife and she would tell you “I’m never off my bluddi phone or email, even at the weekends!” but, in truth, I think I have achieved a degree of equilibrium that allows me to make some choices about how I divide my time. After 20 years of corporate life, I view talking my kids to school or collecting them as a ‘luxury’. I enjoy it and I know (for now) my kids appreciate it.

But what do I do to ‘give back’? What do I do to help those who are not family or clients or part of the herd at Elephants don’t forget? Well, I do a little bit for charity and make sure that every year I ride my bike for a worthy cause and raise as much money as I can. Now that we are supporting Tusk  I am riding the Prudential London 100 mile event next month.

If you want to sponsor me Tusk and I would be most grateful. My page is here.

But last week I met a couple of chaps at a social enterprise called Revolution Hive, who help 18-25 year olds with things they weren’t taught at school. In fact, I was honoured to be interviewed by them for their weekly advice slot. I will share the link when they release it – assuming they don’t decide I was rubbish and tin the content!

I actually really enjoyed myself with CEO Keshav & Louis, they are engaging, entertaining and great company. But they definitely made me check my conscience about how much I am giving back. These two live and breath their work and everything they do is all focused on helping others. I entirely accept it is their choice to do so and I have made other choices, but it didn’t stop me hugely admiring what they do.

It also left me thinking, “what could I do to help others who perhaps are not as fortunate as me”? Seriously, I am sure if everybody contributed but 1% of their busy lives to helping others in the way Keshav & Louis do then I am absolutely certain that the world would be a much better place to live.

It’s not a lecture and I don’t really expect people to change what they do, but I will certainly endeavour to give back more in the future – because I want to.

Adrian Revolution Hive