Hire this person!

This is a copy of a genuine email nelly@elephantsdontforget.com received on Thursday last week from a user whose name has been altered to protect their privacy.

‘Sarah’ works in one of our many regulated clients and is inundated with regulation that they must learn in order for their employer to comply. Sarah is not a senior manager or one of the administrators of our AI. She is though, a caring and diligent employee who recognises that learning (even boring stuff) is actually part of her job and one could look at this as a chore, or one could find reason to celebrate it. Sarah has chosen the latter.

Hi Nelly,

Just to let you know I am leaving XXXXX tomorrow, so please do not get upset when I appear on your user inactivity list.

I have enjoyed answering your questions and I shall miss your changes in seasonal costume. You must be due to dust off your bunny ears for Easter soon!

Take care, I will not forget you either!!

If you would like your employees to care this much about their required learning, maybe you need to hire an elephant and whilst you are at it, Sarah!