How does it feel

I was in a meeting yesterday with a senior manager of a large bank and we were discussing the fact that she has left her “mobile” phone at a meeting venue the previous Friday.

I was interested that people of my age still use the prefix “mobile” Whereas kids and younger members of society default to “phone”. Like, imagine a phone that has a wire and is fixed to a desk or table … wow how backward!

I also realised that despite my general aversion to social media, if I were without my “mobile” phone for the best part of a week I think I would experience a degree of separation anxiety. I and it would appear the rest of society are glued to the device. Device Separation Anxiety is probably the least of societies worries!

I am more concerned with how such addiction manifests with today’s children in the future. Will we lose the art of conversation? In fact, have we already done so?