How to steal from us!

I was reminded of a meeting I had many years ago with Sir John Timpson then the MD of Timpsons, what was then I believe called “the shoe repair people”. Sir John (now) is now the Chairman and his son, James now runs the increasingly large and successful company.

I met Sir John as part of a cultural sharing visit and was amazed to learn that he published lots of little self-help and improvement books. They really were very good and I bought many of them for little gifts for people who worked with me in those days at British Gas.

What I really liked was that in addition to these self-help books sir John also provided new store managers with a book on “How to steal from Timpsons”. I was shocked and asked why he did this and the answer was pure genius of a man who knew his business and a lot about human nature. In a business that was then dominated by cash, had few fancy systems, the opportunity to “skim some off the top” (steal) was obvious. So Sir John showed all new starters every possible way that they had previously caught people stealing and perhaps some they hadn’t and had worked out for himself.

The message was clear, we know ALL the tricks and because we do you won’t be silly enough to try because you know, we know, what to look for. Brilliant!

It inspired me to host a webinar looking at SMCR and getting it wrong not getting it right! There are so many papers, webinars and forums and training sessions looking at what to do for SMCR so we thought we would look at it through the eyes of some experts and highlight how to get it wrong. In the hopes, like sir John, we get cut-through and land better SMCR outcomes for webinar attendees.

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