I’m a Celebrity – behave like one then…

Obviously I am too old and out of touch to appreciate why some (most) of the so called celebrities deserve their status. Mostly I ignore that sort of thing as their behaviour irritates me.

I was reading the Sunday Times and came across an article about homelessness. For whatever reason this is an issue that I feel strongly about. In all fairness I couldn’t honestly tell you why I do but, Nobody should have to endure life in 2018 Britain living on the streets.

Prue Leith was mentioned in the article and wholly deserves her celebrity status. She like many other well off over 60’s has decided to donate her Government Winter Fuel payment to a homeless charity. Good for you Prue.

Even if you are not of an age to receive this winter fuel payment perhaps you could buy one less bottle of wine this Christmas and instead donate the money to a homeless charity like Shelter?

I am against handing cash to “homeless people” on the street – particularly after seeing one outside Moregate tube station … on her phone! www.shelter.com will ensure the money goes where it is needed.

Happy Christmas Prue – you are a true celebrity and you behave like one.