Increasing your Customer Satisfaction

By Adrian Harvey

Improving customer satisfaction or ‘CSAT’ is considered to be the Holy Grail of the marketeer. Measuring how to increase and improve CSAT has become a science and often executive bonuses have an element aligned to CSAT increase. But what is customer satisfaction, how is it measured, and why is it more important than ever before?

In a nutshell, consumers have more information at their fingertips than ever before thanks to the internet.This coupled with the explosion of the availability of high speed Internet has made the world a much smaller place. The world is really the customer’s oyster. Consumers have choice, and with that choice comes the ability to really shop around. This means that customer service is ever more important as it could make or break a sale.

Customer satisfaction indexes appear pretty much everywhere in business these days. It’s common to find an index for almost every type of vendor and service provider. There is even a customer service index for lawyers and solicitors! An area that may not immediately spring to mind when it comes to happy customers…

Increasingly customers are choosing which supplier to buy from based on publicly available customer satisfaction feedback. And if your company isn’t getting high levels of CSAT, you risk being usurped by suppliers who are. Arguably, customer satisfaction indexing is THE most important metric for many non-commodity vendors.

Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute of Customer Service, states that the “[C]ore ingredients of excellent customer service – employee competence, attitudes and behaviour – have become even more significant differentiators.  Mass marketing or a ‘one size fits all’ customer experience is delivering diminishing returns and diluting valuable customer relationships.”

How then do you improve customer satisfaction?

Training has a key role to play in improving customer service, but training per se isn’t the answer. Creating a culture of continual learning where training is supported by a strategy for knowledge retention, encouraging employees to learn and become valuable, loyal experts is really the golden ticket.

The silver bullet KPI is customer satisfaction and if you are not investing to ensure your staff provide exemplar levels of CSAT then your competitors will be gratefully harvesting your customers!

But if you want to do it right and (financially) guarantee that what you deploy works then make sure Clever Nelly created by Elephants don’t forget is on your team. Nelly is a leading, award winning cloud application that helps to create a learning culture that is relevant and engaging for employees, with no long seminars or days of training that leave employees yawning or gazing longingly at the door. She shows you where your employee knowledge and capability is weak and delivers systemic strengths on which to build.

Good customer service means the difference between happy customers and unhappy customers who won’t come back, involving Nelly in your culture of learning takes only 1 and a half minutes a day yet returns dividends on customer service improvement.

At Elephants don’t forget the team works hard to help you bridge the gap between training and knowledge. They will not only improve your standards of employee performance but greatly improve your customer service KPIs. Ask about our money back guarantee if you’re still unsure. Give one of our team a call on 0845 60 60454, or email the lady herself: