Lancashire Council proposing to fine parents £1000 per child per parent

I read with utter disgust that Lancashire Council were proposing to fine parents £1000 per child per parent for any child missing any school time for a holiday. Holidays are an important part of family life and should not be the preserve of the wealthy, they are in my opinion an essential right of every family.  Holidays and travel, in general, are educational and most professional educators would agree.  Are councils going to take parents to court and see them sent to prison if they refuse or cannot pay these fines?

The reality is as all parents know that the holiday firms the world over operate a policy of hugely increasing the cost of holidays in these few golden weeks of the year. Not only do parents pay excessively more, but when they arrive they find the resorts packed with millions of other parents
condemned only to holiday in the same window.

What I dont really understand is why Lancashire Council would seek to punish parents, quite so enthusiastically? What actually is so wrong with a pupil missing perhaps 2 weeks of the school year? Seriously? Ok if these were exam weeks or even mock exam weeks then common sense says avoid these weeks. I mean if the child’s education is so materially affected then perhaps the school should address this point rather than ignore it and punish the parent?

Why are schools in the business of punishing parents anyway I thought they were there to educate the next generation, not play judge, jury and executioner? Maybe they should be more constructive and provide parents with study material for the children? Most parents I know are pretty reasonable and would willingly collaborate with the school to find suitable periods each day for some study time for the children.

They could always use Clever Nelly…?