Linkedin – don’t judge before you have the facts!!

As a pretty committed LinkedIn user, I often scan a lot of posts in a week. Sometimes you wonder what the intention of the post is and whether users learn from the “mistakes” of others.

I for one learned that by posting a comment on a post with a pilot hanging out of his commercial aeroplane front window 15 meters off the runway (with no safety equipment) and attempting to clean it was generally regarded as perfectly sensible in Portugal and silly me for passing any comment on the safety aspect. I learned from too numerous angry Portuguese folk, that I missed the point and should be looking at the pilot’s dedication and commitment. I may well have learned not to comment on future Portuguese aviation posts, but certainly didn’t change my safety POV.

This week a firm posted a picture of an almost all male, white, middle-aged group, celebrating and somebody else quickly criticised it. The inference was the company in question could learn some diversity lessons. There was no other information, just a picture. Needless to say, many people dived on the bandwagon, quick to criticise what they saw as a massive diversity failing and an own goal on behalf of the firm who posted the original image.

What I learned from this was quite how many apparently smart people jumped to conclusions based on a single photo and an accusation. Perhaps before we judge, we should first ensure we are in possession of all of the facts and then have an informed adult debate.