National Work From Home Day

Today is national work from home day. Obviously not every organisation is cut out to have staff working from home, but where they can, we believe they can reap amazing benefits.

At Elephants don’t forget, all our UK based staff work from home. Whenever we recruit we always grill new potential employees on how they will cope, especially if they have worked in an office previously. My conclusion, which some may not want to read, is that some people simply aren’t cut out for it!

We pursue a high contact policy, especially in the first 90 days. We encourage other members of the ‘herd’ and the line manager to call the new recruit every day. We specifically ensure the reason for the call is made clear. It is not “I am calling to see if you are doing any work”. It is more a social, 5 minute chit chat which we consider a small but valuable investment to make the newbie feel wanted and loved. Peers are encouraged to text and call whenever they want, all in an attempt to make up for the obvious lack of office banter.

We have a mandatory meeting every month that starts early and ends at lunch time. We get all the work stuff done and dusted in the first 4 hours then we have lunch and relax in each other’s company for the rest of the day.

Arguably it’s 12 half days off on the beer with work buddies. In reality it’s essential bonding that forms the relationships that would otherwise be formed over coffee at the photocopier.

Neglect it at your peril.


By Adrian Harvey