It’s not just elephants

Spotted in The Daily Mail!

IT’S not just elephants that never forget – dogs remember things too, experts say.

Scientists found that like humans, man’s best friend can remember things even if they do not seem important at the time.

They say they have proved for the first time that canines have ‘episodic memory’.

If one watches its owner jump and is later given the ‘Do it!’ command, it jumps too.

In tests, Hungarian researchers said dogs recalled a person’s complex actions even when they did not expect to be tested – both a minute later and an hour later.

Dr Claudia Fugazza told the journal Current Biology that “[D]ogs are among the few species that people consider ‘clever,’ and yet we are still surprised whenever a study reveals that dogs and their owners may share some mental abilities despite our distant evolutionary relationship…The results of our study can be considered as a further step to break down artificially erected barriers between non-human animals and humans.”