Of Mice and Elephants

elephant and ant

By Adrian Harvey

I’m sure John Steinbeck wrote a classic novel entitled something like that.

Anyway, elephants are supposed to be scared of mice right? Turns out it’s a croc of elephant dung and actually elephants aren’t scared of mice at all but they are terrified of ants!

Well, I have just been bitten by some sort of soldier ant and having been bitten in the past by the children’s pet hamster, I would rather face the hamster than the bluddi ant!

So what?  It’s a nice analogy because I like how one little ant can change one big (I’m working on that!) person’s behaviour. It was like a shot in the arm, well toe actually, reminding me that you don’t have to be big and all powerful to succeed. Perhaps you just need to have complete faith in your ability – a bit like the ant on the beach.

Mr. Ant didn’t hesitate when it saw my toe blocking its path, it just sank its teeth into it and undoubtedly smiled to itself as I yelped and leapt off my beach chair clearing its path home!

Maybe over the next few days or weeks when faced with what may appear over-whelming difficulties at home or work, you will remember the soldier ant and why elephants and (now) Adrian, fear them.

Have faith in your ability and don’t let others throw you off course just because they are bigger than you.

Happy Easter.