Online advertising gone mad!

Our back office is based in Dublin and we have a great team out there and I fly Ryan Air from Luton to Dublin. It is often lowest ticket cost but do you ever pay for this low ticket price in other ways.

Let’s take the buy a ticket process. NO you can’t just buy a ticket. At every single step of the process you are assaulted with sales messages for insurance, accommodation, seat upgrade, parking, accommodation, seat upgrade and did I mention accommodation. And in case you missed the other 6 intrusions would you like to book your hotel through Ryan Air as well?

NO! Then at last you get to the payment screen. Would you like to book some accommodation !!!!! No I want to bluddi pay for my flight !

Fortunately ticket buying completed I just need to check in now …. would you like accommodation with that, perhaps a seat upgrade? Arghhhhhh! Finally checked in. Retrieve boarding pass … yup you got it would you like accommodation perhaps a seat upgrade?! No Michael O’leary you muppet I am stood at bluddi passport control trying to retrieve a boarding pass from your rubbish app and fending off countless forced adverts I have no option but to view, whilst people behind me wonder what the delay is !

If anybody out there knows of a more money grabbing and disrespectful goods and service provider who has complete distegard for customer convenience at the point of purchase please let me know. Their aircrew however are always very helpful and pleasant.

Ryan Air should win an award 🥇 worlds worst customer purchase experience perhaps?

Hey and guess what today they asked me if I would like to participate in helping them to improve the customer experience. I decided not to be churlish but to provide some valuable free feedback. Publically !