Proudly Supporting Shelter

So Thursday was the Elephants don’t forget UK Xmas party, so the Herd went to Le Pontde la Tour near historic London Bridge

The meal was excellent and we had a lovely time. As you would expect we had the obligatory Christmas Crackers on the table which we all opened together. But shock horror there were no crappy presents in the crackers.

Yes there were paper hats and dodgy jokes and little riddles but no naff toy. Instead was a small wooden Shelter icon like the one shown in the photo.

Le Pont De La Tour had purchased their crackers from Shelter and in doing so had contributed to a brilliant charity who helps the homeless. They had also pricked our conscience at a time when we were enjoying a lovely meal to pause and consider those less fortunate than ourselves, many of whom had no roof over their head and certainly no hot food.

Today I went on the Shelter website and made a personal donation. I would encourage you to accolade Le Pont De La Tour and donate to Shelter at this special time of year. All too often we forget to consider those who have not when we have so much.

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