Read, Read and Read it again

My kids exam results have been filtering through (not big important ones, they are only year 9). On the whole I have been pleased as they have shown good improvement across the board on all subjects especially maths. I’m proud of them both.

However, a curious thing occurred. One twin’s favourite subject is Geography the other History. Both went into the exam looking forward to doing well for them and their teacher. Neither did brilliantly! Both were hugely disappointed with their respective performances.

When we sat and chatted about it, it transpires that the poor performances were not a function of lack of knowledge or understanding, quite the opposite.

One twin missed out 2 whole pages of the exam because they were “stuck together Dad” and the other read the big essay questions was super delighted because it was his favourite sub-category and in the words of his teacher “wrote a perfect answer” unfortunately to the wrong question! So scored zero for that question worth approx. 35% of his total available marks!

Schoolboy errors quite literally! So the cautionary tale is whilst positive affirmation of knowledge and capability is useful in improving human performance, General Custer like over confidence leads to simple and costly mistakes.

So even when Nelly ensures you know the subject inside out, you are not absolved from thinking or checking your work.