Real value

Sunday was Mother’s Day, one of the contrived “Days” in the calendar that I personally agree with. It’s a chance for us all to appreciate our Mothers and everything they have done and they do for us.

It’s perhaps a different experience for many families depending on the age of kids and age of mum’s etc. For those with older kids, it probably involves a lovely Sunday lunch, cards and perhaps a gift or two.

For those who have lost their mother, perhaps time to contemplate and remember. And for some people, like our lovely Marketing manager, Kate, it’s time to get smashed with your Mum and have Mum spend the evening in A&E with your sober husband!

But perhaps the “best” Mothers Day is reserved for those Mum’s with kids still young enough to “make Mum a card” rather than order one through the Moonpig app on their iPhone!

Because this has nothing to do with how much it costs or even how legible the writing or decipherable the pictures; in my opinion, it encapsulates what Mother’s Day is really about, not spending money, but showing appreciation and love. And given the choice between the fancy lunch and presents and shop bought humourous cards, I suspect almost every Mum out there would choose the hand made, semi-illegible card, every time.

Particularly Kate’s Mum!