Repetition and self-testing for students

I am obviously bias, but this week I have seen the value of positive affirmation and spaced-learning, repetition and self-testing in action. My twins have year end exams in June and are undertaking a revision timetable, amounting to a couple of hours every day after school and the weekend.

Some maths revision is required every day as they lack confidence in this subject. What is really interesting is that I thought it might backfire having them do maths every day, but because the revision is test related, both twins have seen their scores improve and improve and when given the option of what subject are you going to revise next, both jumped at maths. When I asked why, it was clear that the evidence of improving competency was a critical factor not only in the outcomes, but also enjoyment levels.

Now I won’t pretend they enjoy revision, but given the choice of mindless re-reading and highlighting versus spaced learning, repetition and testing, it is very clear that the latter is far more enjoyable and more important, works.

Perhaps this is why more and more regulated firms are turning to Clever Nelly to ensure their required learning is actually learned and whilst few employees can be said to enjoy the material, Nelly is certainly more engaging and effective than death by annual e-learning module. Nelly also treats employees as individuals not sheep which is a critical success factor for ensuring employees conduct is appropriate. We have a purple paper on this …. Employees are individuals not sheep!