Shadow of the Leader – our evidence proves it’s real!

Shadow of the leader

By Adrian Harvey

In 2016 we analysed more than 20 million individual interventions conducted by Clever Nelly across a large section of clients and industry sectors, and what did we find? That team leaders who lead by example or ‘walk the talk’ so to speak, have the teams with the highest levels of performance.

This unique piece of research proves that the concept of ‘Shadow of the Leader’ is far more than a theoretical management model, but is, in fact, very real and alive and kicking in your business. The impact of which, however, can be both toxic and positive depending on the leader in question.

On average more than 85-90% of your workforce will report to a team leader/supervisor (or first level manager). This team leader arguably has a greater impact on the compliance and financial performance of the business than the CEO and the Board.

So what did we find?

It breaks down like this:

  1. Team leaders that personally engage with Clever Nelly at a rate equal to or greater than 80% have teams that engage at similar rates. [1]
  1. Individuals who engage with Nelly at a rate equal to or greater than 80% have the highest levels of knowledge and competency
  1. These same teams also are the highest performing teams as measured by the client KPI’s.
  1. Conversely teams with team leaders that have ‘casual’ or low levels of engagement with Clever Nelly have team members with similarly low levels and collectively have low levels of workplace knowledge and competency. They also perform considerably worse than their more knowledgeable and capable colleagues.

The common denominator is the attitude of the team leader. If the team leader leads by example then their team will follow and, when using Clever Nelly, this guarantees knowledge improvement which has been proven to improve in-job performance.

So as a client, if you want to improve the compliance and productivity of your employees, do everything you can to ensure your team leader population receives and answers all their Nelly questions.

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Shadow of the Leader

[1] Engagement in this context means the % of questions offered by Nelly that are answered by the recipient.