Shadow of the Leader – Graham Keen

Nelly has collaborated with Graham Keen a renowned business psychologist and positivity expert to bring you a set of 3 e-learning modules designed specifically to help your Team Leaders develop skills to better manage stress and strain.  These modules come with professionally authored Q-Sets for Clever Nelly.

These have evolved from our team leader seminar held in September where Graham was the keynote speaker and made a great distinction between stress and strain.  Some people are better able to assimilate and manage stress and thus feel low strain.  Others are not and feel high strain that is damaging to physical and mental health and performance and productivity. It is largely within the gift of the individual Team Leader to manage stress and strain but most had never been taught how to do so or have many effective tools to help them.

The cost is just £2000.

E-learning modules
1. Principle of Duplication:  To learn how to improve yours and your team’s performance by exploiting the Principle of Duplication.
You will discover:

  • The impact of your shadow
  • How to exploit the duplicate principle
  • How to embed the right habits
  • Your shadows influence on Nelly

2. Change Yourself: To learn how to make the changes in yourself you choose. Reliably and so they last.
You will discover:

  • Why you would want to change
  • How you benefit from personal changes
  • Willlpower
  • How to make change automatic and inevitable

3. Change Others:  To massively increase your ability to successfully influence other people’s thinking and behaviour.
You will discover:

  • How you use feeling and thinking to influence the behaviour of others
  • Resonance and empathy
  • The power of grace

If you are interested in learning more about how you could help your Team Leaders manage stress and strain more effectively please email or discuss with your Customer Success Manager.