So I like rugby.

I coach it now for my twins U14’s squad and they both love it. I have to say I do love the contact element of rugby, take it away and in my humble opinion it would be a pointless game.

I also love the discipline that a full contact sport demands if it is to be played safely. The fact that the ref is often the smallest person on the pitch, the players dwarf him, but only address him through the captain and when they do they (should) address him as Sir. You don’t see rugby players pushing and shoving the ref about and yelling in his face nose to nose like football.

I used to like football as a kid but now won’t tolerate it because of the outrageous dissent and blatant cheating that money has brought to the “beautiful game”. I hear all the justification but it is just BS, there is no justification for a man paid £20m a year to shove and intimidate a referee and pretend to have a broken leg after a non-contact tackle. What message does this send to our kids?

Imagine my surprise then when I read that Bath (a Premier League rugby team) is asking for a recent game to be replayed because they don’t like the result! @Bathrugby shame on you. I suspect if there was no money involved this wouldn’t even see the light of day and nobody would be so shallow and shameless to even suggest it.

Who was it who said money was the route of all evil ….