The Write Way

As John Fitzgerald Kennedy once said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other,” and to help our clients to further cement this partnership on both a systemic and individual level, we invited them to our Question Writing Workshop in Birmingham on the 20th of October of this year.

With the majority of our clients taking a hands-on-approach to authoring questions, the importance of fully optimizing the potential for learning and knowledge retention was a primary concern in feedback provided at regularly scheduled meetings and at a Learning and Development networking event in June. Moreover, while Clever Nelly provides a moral boost to employees within organisations and fosters a sense of community, our clients also expressed their wish to develop a sense of a wider community of Nelly users and to share their experiences while simultaneously discussing best practices and generating new ideas.

One of the key issues discussed in the ‘Question Writing Best Practice’ session was the importance of the plausibility of incorrect answers which many attendees acknowledged they had overlooked or neglected to properly address. One participant in particular noted, “I didn’t appreciate what a negative impact implausible questions had so this aspect was very helpful.” Implausibility, however, formed only one of the key knowledge question essentials discussed in the session with recency, relevancy and clarity in both questions and answers also discussed in depth, the result of which led one attendee to state, “The principles of questions are easy to apply once you understand the importance of covering all four essentials.”

Moreover, the fundamental components of knowledge improvement questions and answers such as types, styles and patterns as well as the method of authorship were also deconstructed and then reinforced. Many clients noted their disbelief that a single question could be deceptively simple, with the psychological and strategic mechanisms and intent hidden quietly below the surface—as one attendee confessed, “I honestly thought that surely there is not a lot to writing a few questions but [I have] been proven wrong.”

Afterwards, it was time to put what had been learned into practice with a ‘Question Writing Practice’ session where attendees were given the opportunity to create questions with their peers and receive feedback from them, an element which undoubtedly fostered a more collaborative atmosphere of like-minded people eager to generate and share their ideas—“It was useful attempting to write the questions but the most benefit was discussing the group questions and determining the potential results which can be achieved,” one participant noted.

This event proved most fruitful and with the top tier management in the financial services, energy and utilities as well as many more in attendance, the importance of Learning and Development is firmly securing its place as indispensable in the boardroom.


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