Trust your instincts

On Bank Holiday Friday, in the later afternoon after a delicious meal out, I was sat in my sunny garden with friends having a beer. I was in no mood for strenuous activity and could have done with a laydown!

I tell you this because it gives you some insight into my state of mind at that particular time. You see from the corner of my eye I spotted smoke, not BBQ smoke but bad news smoke. I immediately guessed the stables behind our house were on fire. The fire brigade was called immediately and I sprung into action (lumbered would be closer to the truth) climbed the security fence to discover the stables were indeed alight.

Had I procrastinated and watched the smoke develop into flames then I dare say the horses would be dead now and the fire damage, though very serious, could well have been catastrophic.

The moral of this Easter story, aside from don’t have bonfires in the stable building(!) is trust your instincts and act. Don’t sit around thinking what if you are wrong and won’t you look an idiot falling over the security fence into the stables and unable to get back out again! Better act and look a wally that sit on your hands and procrastinate, only to tell people after the catastrophe unfolds that “you KNEW it didn’t look right …”