What does this teach our youth?

Interesting that a part of the University of London asked a comedian to sign a behavioural contract promising that he wouldn’t offend anybody. Quite apart from the fact that I can’t actually think of any comedy act that I have ever seen in my life that was funny and didn’t insult somebody in some way. Key point “that was funny” – I am sure any idiot could put on a supremely unfunny comedy act that didn’t upset or offend anybody.

As a bald guy sitting in the front row of the Bear Cat (live comedy store in SW London) I sort of expect that I am almost certainly going to be a soft target and object of some piss taking. I don’t mind this, it’s funny. In fact, it’s good for me and I am comfortable enough in my soul to laugh at myself.

If however, I grew up in a (completely artificial) “safe place” as apparently promoted by the university I would doubtless be hugely affected the first time anybody mentioned my baldness in anything like an unkind way.

No matter how much these raving lunatics try and make the world a beautiful place where nothing bad happens and everybody is nice to each other – it just isn’t like that in real life and it never will be.

Ultimately I recommend the promoters of this ‘comedy’ festival do the alumni a favour, inform them of the content and let them decide if they wish to attend. Alternatively, I reckon they are sailing dangerously close to breaching the Trades Descriptions Act calling this a comedy festival!