We wish you a ‘Nelly’ Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Nelly

As much as Elephants don’t forget will be staying open over the holiday season, Nelly has already packed her trunk and is phoning a taxi as I write.

She’s done a lot this year, including asking over 20 million questions! So it’s no wonder she deserves a little break.

Nelly will be heading back over the plains of the Savannah to catch up with family and friends. This year, she’s asked for a charitable donation instead of any gifts, and we hope to bring you more news on how we plan to carry out these wishes in January.

So although ‘the herd’ will be around if you need us, Nelly will be taking a break from her blog, Linked In and Twitter over the holiday season.

This year we’ve been really pushed to make L&D at the forefront of each board discussion, and next year we will be working equally hard on the same message.

If you’d like to get involved in some of our conversations and focus groups then please do join the Linked In group –  or add Nelly on Twitter 

She will be back to entertain you in January.

For any queries and questions you need from the team they’re still on nelly@elephantsdontforget.com, or phone number 0845 60 60454.

That’s all from us, except to say:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Elephants don’t forget