Workplace anxiety

Somebody told me last week that anxiety was fear of the future, depression fear/pain from the past and happiness was living for today. I have thought about that and I think it is grounded in a lot truth. It gave me cause to consider the brilliant work being undertaken by Professor Riddell and her team, researching workplace strain. We hope to launch this to our clients this month and begin the research in July.

I’m not neuroscientist or psychologist, but intuitively, I think more people suffer anxiety in the workplace than depression.

My rationale being, in a world changing so fast the “not knowing” how the change will affect the individual is, personally speaking, quite scary. I have dealt with to a greater extent, the pain from the past, but the future …. makes me far more uncomfortable.

Arguably, as a business owner, I might have less to fear because I have better visibility of the work landscape. I think that is probably true, so I concluded communication and information (lack of) must be a route cause of workplace anxiety.

To that end, we make a point at Elephants don’t forget of sharing as much information with our marvelous herd of employees as possible. Sometimes it backfires on me, but the risk is worth it. I wonder if more firms took the risk and time and effort to cut the employees in on as much as possible about the future, would anxiety levels be as high?

I think not ….