Yesterday I sat on a train to and from Waterloo. It’s only about 25 minutes to my local station.

In that time the “Guard” made too many announcements for me to count! None of which I needed to hear.

“The doors will open on the right hand side”
“We are arriving at platform 12”
“Thank you for travelling South West Trains”
“I am located in carriage 7”

Firstly it depends on which way you are facing as to which side the doors open on!
Who, other than perhaps Harry Potter, really cares what platform you arrive on?
I have no choice of train operator it’s a monopoly. Please don’t patronise me by thanking me for “choosing” SW Trains.
The fact that the guard is in carriage 7 is entirely irrelevant given the train is so packed movement of any description is impossible!

The vast majority of passengers would rather said guard STFU and spent her time managing the heating controls so said commuters didn’t arrive looking like the just exited a sauna!

Is this the same group striking over the removal of guards on trains? I’m thinking guards have been told to make all these “helpful” announcements so customers realise the value they add.

Be careful what you wish for guards as I suspect most customers on my train quickly realised just how much value the guard added to the journey ….!