You can’t beat practice

For those of you kind enough to read my blog posts you will probably know I have for the last 2 years been refreshing my expired sailing qualifications. Home study takes discipline but I have found it hugely rewarding. If anybody is thinking of doing any home study, I would recommend it. Don’t listen to the naysayers, JFDI. who cares when you finish it, so long as you do.

That said I am skippering a boat for a week at Easter in Croatia, in waters I have never sailed in, even as crew. I have to say I am slightly nervous. Not in a panicky way, but just because since I started our Nelly journey I now realise how the brain learns and retains knowledge and the impact of not utilising or frequently revisiting knowledge.

I’m really comfortable with the skills required to sail, I think like a bicycle once learned you never forget, because it is largely mechanical. I am however slightly concerned with the “rules of the road”. So taking a leaf out of Nelly’s mantra I am deploying spaced learning repetition and self-testing on all the mission critical rules. Especially “col regs” (collision regulations)!

Maybe I will spend next winter writing a Yachtmaster Q-set to ensure I retain all that hard won home study knowledge.